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Hear from some existing customers

Child's Pose


I’ve been attending Julie’s Pilates classes online for a while now and have found them so beneficial. I’d never tried Pilates before but found Julie to be a great teacher, she’s very attentive and you never feel like you are being judged or can’t ask for help - she’s so encouraging!
I have definitely seen progress over the weeks, being able to do things I couldn’t early on. Would highly recommend Julie’s classes to anyone whether you have done Pilates before or not!

Yoga Class


I started Julie’s Pilates classes in November 2020 by zoom.  I’m really enjoying her classes, I like how I can adjust exercises to my level of ability or just how I’m feeling that day, but mostly, for me, I love how it helps my overall well-being. I feel so much more ‘me’ after a session. I’m looking forward to continuing Julie’s classes throughout the coming year.

Child's Pose


Pilates with Jules is fab! Having muscle separation (after big babies!) I was nervous about joining a class and not being able to do a lot of the exercises! Combine that with a dodgy knee - I really didn’t think Pilates was for me! I had never done it before and had dismissed it. Boy was I wrong!! Started Pilates with Jules and found that I could do most of the exercises and if I couldn’t, Jules modified things for me with ease and it didn’t interrupt the flow of the class. Jules is great, very knowledgeable, friendly & supportive and makes you feel at ease! I’ve enjoyed my zoom sessions with Jules - made even more enjoyable by the occasional appearance of her cats! Health wise - I feel my core stability has improved and daily aches and pain relieved after each session.

Child's Pose


I must admit I was a “ Pilates doubter” never having tried it before but with extra time over lockdown thought well nothing to lose. Boy was I pleasantly surprised ! I love it, my back has improved with no pain for the first time in over 10years, I feel it’s toning me in all the right places and has given me a wonderful sense of well-being. Definitely much more than fitness alone. Julie is a wonderful instructor, patient, clear and calm and explains it all as we go along, with a lovely way about her . Trust me if you try it you won’t be disappointed.

Pilates Work Out


I love these classes! I’ve been doing Pilates for a long time but stopped exercising after a foot injury and then COVID happened. These classes have been a really great way for me to get back into it. The routines are set at a good level for me but if I feel I can do more Jules is happy to modify the exercises. I also love that she’s so knowledgeable - she tells you which muscles you are toning as well as all the benefits of each move. It’s really helpful.

Practising Yoga


Julie is an outstanding Pilates Instructor! She has an excellent way of explaining the exercises which really means you get the most out of them, even as a beginner. During my course I noticed a significant improvement in my core and general wellbeing. Julie is also a lovely, friendly smiling face. She combines great expertise with a relaxed fun atmosphere in her classes.

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